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As reported in the always insightful Chilmark Research blog ...

"In simplest terms, CONNECT is a technology stack built with Open Source software (Sun-derived) to support the development of the NHIE and more broadly a NHIN. Thus, from the onset CONNECT has had broad participation from the likes of CMS, the VA, DoD, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the first true test case user, the Social Security Administration (SSA) who recently completed a successful beta test of the platform with RHIO MedVirginia. In March 2009, V1.0 of CONNECT was released to the market. On July 9th, V2.1 will be released. While CONNECT was developed to create an NHIE, it longer-term goals are to become the backbone to the NHN..."

Thanx to MedTech-IQ Member Gerry Higgins for the link.

Chilmark Research is a healthcare-centric, industry analyst firm focusing on personal healthcare technology that will enable the home to become the future center of health.

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