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MedTech-IQ member, Thomas Gianulli contributes innovative EHR software application to Haiti Relief Effort


Spoke with Dr Thomas Giannulli, founder of the MedTech-IQ mHealth group, earlier today.  We thought you would find the information that follows useful in your consideration of the future of mobile & portable electronically assisted healthcare in disaster relief, austere and medically under-served environments...



... iChart is a mobile electronic medical record (EMR) being successfully utilized in Haiti to support the efforts of physicians and nurses in the aftermath of the
January 12 earthquake.

iChart, developed by Care Tools, a Westlake Village, CA, technology company,  is the only mobile EMR system that can be used without limitation in hostile networking conditions where internet access is sporadic and unreliable. Because of the application’s EMR features, offline capabilities and advanced sync engine, iChart provides a potentially life saving
solution in disaster situations like Haiti. 

As the medical and humanitarian response to the earthquake expanded, the iChart creator, physician and biomedical engineer, Dr. Thomas Giannulli offered the company’s assistance
to the Harvard Human Initiative Doctors which has begun to collaborate with the UN affiliated organization, Partners in Health.

Dr. Giannulli responded to the immediate need by donating approximately 50 copies of his software.  He also customized the application to meet the requirements to comply with
international disaster data collection standards. 

Seth Moulton, Tech Lead for the HIT Rescue Project, Operational Medicine Institute, working with
the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative has been asked by the Lead from the UN
Cluster on Technology in Santo Domingo to investigate IT solutions regarding the
tracking of patients and ID of at risk populations.   According to Moulton,
“iChart is changing the way doctors respond in crisis situations. The system is
designed to comply with international disaster data collection standards and it
ensures continuity of care by quickly collecting data in the field and
communicating this data to other doctors with iPhones as well as to providers
anywhere around the globe via the Internet.  The system has even helped doctors
reunite patients with their family members.”

According to the (linked) field report, Dr. Elizabeth Cote is running the iChart digital medical
assistant. "The developers worked quickly to customize fields and adapt the
application to support the kind of medical care delivered and patient information required in the post-disaster setting."

Ric Corman, MD on behalf of the Hope for Haiti Orphanage commented, “Because of the massive scale of this crisis, most of the medical teams have been rotating through facilities
with limited continuity of reporting. The customized iChart allowed us to set up an efficient charting and documentation system that will benefit all medical personnel. “

The iChart app was developed by Dr. Giannulli in response to the need for a highly functional, intuitive and affordable hand-held EMR.  The iChart takes only minutes to learn given the instinctive nature of the iPhone touch interface. 

Dr. Giannulli is monitoring the results from the field trials on a daily basis, “ The new technologies employed in iChart will likely be part of the standard global crisis response efforts going forward.  We are dedicated to advancing the app and its capabilities to best suit the needs of our care providers across the globe.”

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