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Featured Blog Posts – March 2009 Archive (26)

HHS Policy Debate

AP reports on a considered change by the Dept of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in the "conscience" clause, which as implemented by the Bush administration, expanded protection for medical providers refusing to perform procedures on "moral grounds". There has been a heated debate between abortion opponents who favor these new rules, and advocates who fear a wholesale denial of services. The Obama… Continue

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Linux Under Assault (By Guess Whom)

It had been at least 24 hours without a new Microsoft law suit. Well, they're at it again in classic Microsoft fashion with minions of attorneys trying legal intimidation to suppress anything NIH (not invented here). This time, they're suing Tom-Tom. The case is interesting, because it calls a lie to company efforts to coexist with the Linux open-source community. Read commentary from open source experts in this… Continue

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Matchmaking 2.0

Although many social networks have abandoned disease-specific groupings to solicit clinical trial candidates, the concept (patient-to-trial matchmaking service) is being resurrected with some new twists. Read about it in this article from eCliniqua.

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SCREED ALERT!!! (Not a typo, although 'SCREWED' may be equally appropriate)

Orwell called it 'newspeak' and 'doublethink', and I'm beginning to feel like "1984"'s Winston Smith. MedTechIQ recently revealed a freshly minted OMB instrument entitled A New Era of Responsibility-Renewing America’s Promise. Is… Continue

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Safer Browsing

Though somewhat technical, this paper addresses growing concerns over browser insecurity. It describes the current climate well: as web sites (have) evolved into dynamic web applications composing content from various sources, browsers have become multi-principal operating environments with resources shared among mutually distrusting web site principals. The paper introduces readers to a Microsoft Research/Univ of… Continue

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Think Virtual

If you think cloud, think virtualization, think large cap companies investing in data center delivery services, think Intel 'Nehalem™' processors, and now think… Continue

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