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Workplace Safety Regulations

Workplace Safety Regulations :


Workplace safety is a matter of grave importance to any organization. Ensuring the safety of workers is a primary goal of most countries, no matter which kind of political system or setup they have. This is because almost no workplace is free from some or another kind of hazard. These workplaces could be as varied as hospitals, construction sites, engineering plants or agriculture and many more.

Governments the world…


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Understanding Medical Identity Theft and ways of preventing it

Understanding Medical Identity Theft and ways of preventing it

Medical Identity Theft is a common phenomenon in today's situation, where most health records are digitized. Although a lot of precaution goes into the security and protection of these records, Medical Identity Theft is a cause for worry.

The most common types of data that are stolen are Social Security Number (SSN), name and the Medicare number, the most potent tools with which to…


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A Workshop: What Is the Universe of a Universal Health Language?

This workshop, to be held in San Diego, will examine the theoretical and practical implications of implementing a Universal Health Language, as recommended in the 2010 report of the President's Council on Science and Technology. It is open to all interested parties, at a registration fee of $250.

We also are seeking corporate sponsors for this event at the $5,000 level.

Further information is available at: …


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America Has A Health Care Paradox

We have a real paradox in American healthcare. On the one hand we have exceptionally well educated and well trained providers who are committed to our care. We are the envy of the world for our biomedical research prowess, funded largely by the National Institutes of Health and conducted across the county in universities and medical schools. The pharmaceutical industry continuously brings forth life saving and disease altering medications. The medical device industry is incredibly innovative…


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See Forbes Article Featuring 1st Annual OSEHRA Open Source EHR Summit & Workshop, 17-18 October 2012


Please see this hyperlink to blog post at the OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent) homepage on article published…


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OSEHRA Board Member, Dr John Halamka Blogs on 17-18 October 2012, 1st Annual OSEHRA Open Source EHR Summit & Workshop


Please see link below to OSEHRA Board Member, Dr. John D. Halamaka's widely read "Life as a Healthcare CIO" blog.  

As you are probably aware, Dr Halamka is Chief Information Officer Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chairman of the New…


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Andreessen Horowitz swings for the GitHub fences with $100 Million Series A Venture Investment


Please see link below to article in "Upstart Business Journal" on the recent $100 Million Series A investment in GitHub made by one of Silicon Valley's hottest venture capital firms Andressssen Horowitz.

As it probably goes without saying, a $100 million is an outsized early stage venture investment.  It is my understanding that GitHub had refused outside money to this point.  A typical Series A investment would usually range between $3 to $6…


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OSEHRA Makes Available New Patient Information Software - Janus 4.0 Graphical User Interface Launched As Open Source Software


Please find below a press release announcing the contribution of the JANUS graphical user interface  to the OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent) code repository, OSEHRA Janus Announcement.  

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) funded OSEHRA was launched last…


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OSEHRA Announces First Board of Directors ... Open Source EHR Organization Taps Industry, Academic, Government Experts


For your information, and in the continuing quest to capture the 3C's of Content, Community and Collaboration, please find the following on the Open Source Electronic Health Record effort to which I have devoted substantial effort to in recent months.


Conrad "CC" Clyburn…


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The Misconception That American Has The Best Healthcare In The World

There are many misconceptions about health care and medical care. This includes the discussions over the last few years about healthcare reform but is not limited to those discussions. I plan to write about these over the coming days and weeks in some detail. Here is the first one. “American has the best healthcare system in the world.”


One of the first problems with this statement is that we really have a medical system in America not a healthcare system. We focus on…


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Teamwork Improves Surgical Safety and Reduces Mortality

Like the cockpit, the operating room (OR) is fraught with high intensity, high complexity, high velocity, and high stakes. And as a capital intense location which serves as the financial engine of many or not most hospitals, there is pressure to use the OR efficiently. Like the cockpit, there is hierarchy, and a deep culture which includes strongly held rituals and customs. Unfortunately, there are also errors of omission and commission which lead to adverse outcomes including patient… Continue

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Remote Presence Technology in Haiti

"We want to bring technical expertise and medical knowledge in a way that's ongoing," said Dr. Lockhart.

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Medical Relief in Haiti

Months later US doctors still providing medical relief in Haiti. "It's still a fairly dire situation. It's just that it's fallen from the public's attention," said Sutter Health anesthesiologist Dr. Stephen Lockhart.

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Guest Blog: The David Petraeus of Health ... By Dana Blackenhorn


As I have said in the past, Dana Blackenhorn is thoughful and thought provoking ... Let me see what you think of this blog on the recent recess appointment of David Berwick to become the new Administrator of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Excerpts below ....




Who wants to spend half what they do now, on something… Continue

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Today’s Health Insurance Has Perverse Incentives

Whether we have commercial insurance through our employer or Medicare, the incentives are poorly aligned to lower costs and improve quality. In fact, they actually encourage greater and greater expenditures. In most instances, our insurance covers everything from prevention to basic routine care to complex care of serious illness. Coverage may not be all that good for some things like preventive care and our primary care physician feels underpaid for routine visits but nevertheless we basically… Continue

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Guest Blog: Electronic medical records and its rushed implementation ... Kevin Pho, M.D. | KevinMD


As many of you know, Kevin Pho, M.D. is one of social media's leading physician voices on evolving technology and its impact on medical practice ...

... Please see his recent cautionary blog on the U.S. EHR adoption initiative. In particular see the "comments" that follow the blog ...

... They point to an important debate that is emerging between physicians accustomed to robust EHR systems (Kaiser Permanente, VA, Mayo, ect.) and small and solo practice… Continue

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5 Futuristic Applications that Are Here NOW


Interesting blog post from Open Forum ... See excerpts below. To find the full post click here ...




5 Futuristic Applications that Are Here NOW…


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Watching TV is Bad for Your Health But Sitting Still is the Culprit

Did you see the stories in the newspapers that TV watching is bad for your health? It is but probably not for the reasons you might think. Certainly being a couch potato is unhealthy and if we sit there for long periods, eating chips, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, our health will obviously take a turn for the worse. But a new study from Australian researchers observed 8800 adults for over six years and recorded the deaths from heart disease, cancer and all causes. The results were… Continue

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From University of Miami Command Center ... Accounts from Port Au Prince Airport, Haiti - Project Medishare


Please see email from MedTech-IQ member Scott Simmons from the University of Miami (UM) Command Center in Miami, sharing reports from the UM team in Haiti ...


I just returned from our University of Miami (UM)/Project Medishare command center. Here is some background and the latest update:

Within 24 hours of the quake the UM/Medishare team set up a field medical facility within the UN-secured zone on the grounds… Continue

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Obama Lashes Back at Insurance Industry Over Opposition to Health Plan

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Published: October 17, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama mounted a frontal assault on the insurance industry on Saturday, accusing it of using “deceptive and dishonest ads” to derail his health care legislation and threatening to strip the industry of its longstanding exemption from federalantitrust laws.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address (


The… Continue

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