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Blue Oceans

Wow. Who would have thought that Apple would dethrone Microsoft in the category of market capitalization. They did just that! For Apple 'followers', who have always seen Microsoft through some Manichean prism, this event takes on religious proportions. For the rest of us Apple admirers (who don't rely on anti-psychotic meds to get through the day), however, this is noteworthy for what it reveals about… Continue

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More Chrome

Google has finally confirmed a 2010 release of its Chrome OS. Not simply a browser any longer, Chrome represents an open source Linux based architecture which scales upward from netbooks to desktops, and downwards to provide some overlap to its smartphone platform, Android. With Windows 7 gaining such good press, it can only be beneficial to… Continue

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Cloud Manifesto

In an earlier blog, I posted an analysis of the "open standards" effort in cloud computing, and the opposition coming from Microsoft. Yesterday, 30Mar09, IBM, Sun Microsystems & other collaborators released specifics on a proposed interoperability architecture which they dub the… Continue

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Change You Can Believe In?

Shakespeare's Hamlet utters..."the lady doth protest too much, me thinks". In a remarkable statement, Microsoft (arguably the archetype software predator) is complaining that "Cloud Computing" standards need to be more open. Though on its face, some may see this as the very height of hypocrisy, others now believe that reality has forced a change in azimuth for this behemoth. Could Microsoft's apparent embrace of open standards and interoperability be genuine. Read this interesting… Continue

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Linux Under Assault (By Guess Whom)

It had been at least 24 hours without a new Microsoft law suit. Well, they're at it again in classic Microsoft fashion with minions of attorneys trying legal intimidation to suppress anything NIH (not invented here). This time, they're suing Tom-Tom. The case is interesting, because it calls a lie to company efforts to coexist with the Linux open-source community. Read commentary from open source experts in this… Continue

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Safer Browsing

Though somewhat technical, this paper addresses growing concerns over browser insecurity. It describes the current climate well: as web sites (have) evolved into dynamic web applications composing content from various sources, browsers have become multi-principal operating environments with resources shared among mutually distrusting web site principals. The paper introduces readers to a Microsoft Research/Univ of… Continue

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Microsoft "Sparks"

Microsoft has announced a new program, BizSpark, creating incentives to start-up companies willing to use Microsoft technologies. Read about this new approach, as the software giant becomes more "open".

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To Your Health

For those who haven't seen a Personal Health Record (PHR) service up close, I'd recommend a tour of Google Health. Along with Aetna & Microsoft, they have invested significant resources towards e-personalization of health care delivery. Scores of other ventures exist, as well, in this rapidly expanding space. Read all about it!

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Windows on a Cloud

If you thought the "cloudy" skies were getting crowded, make way for Microsoft. The company announced that it is introducing Windows Azure, a web based services platform that will reside on its distributed data centers, and will be available in CY'09. Read a preliminary… Continue

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Aetna Gets Personal

Aetna has been developing an in-house Personal Health Record (PHR). Today, it announced a collaboration with Microsoft, allowing Aetna members to transfer the information in their Aetna CareEngine®-powered record directly to Microsoft HealthVault, a security-enhanced, Web-based… Continue

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Microsoft Seeing the Light?

Interesting article on Microsoft release of Silverlight 2, compatible with 'Rich Internet Application", an open-sourced platform for developing media content. The company provides free developer access under a 'Microsoft Permissive License'. Might we see more open-sourced releases from Microsoft in the future???

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Microsoft Partners in Genetic Research

Interesting article describing new Scripps Health Service research project, involving 'genetic scanning' of 10,000 volunteers with 20 year follow-up. Partners include Microsoft, Affymetrix, and Navigenics. In addition to ethical… Continue

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