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Role of CROs in improving knowledge productivity in health care industry

Contract research organisation (CRO) is a fastest growing segment, provides support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in the form of research services. The pharmaceutical companies can’t uphold and drop billions due to termination of patent and deficiency of new approvals. So they are approaching strategic alliances to sustain revenue and improve the product pipelines. These companies are increasingly…


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Clinical Trials in India

Clinical trials are medical research studies to test whether different treatments are safe and how well they work. Some trials involve healthy members of the public, and others involve patients who may be offered the option of taking part in a trial during their care and treatment.

Over the past decade, India has become an important destination for many international pharmaceutical companies looking to…


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Medical Writing Is An Easy Task Now

Medical Writing Services

After so much of trouble and difficulty to the physicians, researchers and healthcare companies to do healthcare composing at various points of your energy and effort, certain support companies have hit the market. Now you can meet any of your healthcare composing demand by just obtaining a support from these companies.

Writing on various healthcare professions is always…


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Clinical Data Management Services

A huge amount of data is generated through various phases of clinical research. The data has to be proficiently managed in order to draw relevant conclusions, file regulatory submissions and publish results and findings in research journals. Clinical Data Management (CDM) is the mainstay of clinical/medical research process needed for collection, interpretation and analysis of clinical data.

CDM is a…


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Medical communication is usually crucial for improving clinical health care

Medical communication is the procedure for sharing medical education between pharmaceutical drug companies, physicians and other health professionals. It plays a vital role in raising awareness of medicines. Medical communication is essentially accomplished by medical communication agencies. Medical communications agencies are also called medical education agency or ‘MedComms’ firm.

WorkSureTM, a medical…


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Worksure Clinical Data Management Services in India

WorkSure a First medical service KPO in India is committed to provide Medical Writing services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Our aim is to provide unmatched expert solutions, collaborative efficiency.…


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Extensive and Personalized Clinical Data Management Services

 WorkSure provides end to end complete clinical data management solutions from Data Management Plan to Database Lock.…


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WorkSure Clinical Data Management Offers the Best Services.

Clinical Data Management (CDM) industry is possibly the most booming area of the bio services industry. Collection and validation of clinical trials data play an essential role in…


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Medical Affairs Services: Role in Planning of New Pharmaceutical Product Launch

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly under pressure to deliver effective new products in shorter time frames while minimizing the development costs. The structure, activities, resources of new product, planning regarding launch and successful commercialization of new product are main areas of focus of for medical affairs department in all the pharmaceutical companies. Many critical activities take place well in advance of the actual launch of a new…


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Clinical Research Organization - Roles And Responsibilities

Clinical research CRC is a person who is a specialized research professional, who will be working with or under the direction of a principal investigator (PI). A CRC will give whole support, promote and coordinate the daily clinical trial activity while playing a critical role in the conduct of study…


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Medical Writing Training Course Benefits In Medical Data Management

Digital wellness information are very popular and in demand in healthcare methods these days. Many methods these days, such as medical data management services use this application for saving all their information.

There are a few individuals who are…


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Medical Affairs Role in Pharmaceutical Companies

The Medical affairs groups are a growing vital sector in today's bio pharmaceutical industry in providing hospital consultants, key opinion leaders (KOL's), regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals with scientific and medical information relating to the value and correct usage of the products.

Medical affairs personnel strive for the highest scientific integrity so as to produce…


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