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Clymer/JR's Blog – December 2009 Archive (5)

'Deep Impact'

FierceHealth publishes their rendition of the 5 stories with the greatest impact on Healthcare IT over the last decade. Agree or not with the editors' prioritization, none can characterize any of their 5 issues as trivia or fluff. It all makes for an interesting retrospective, with implications for the decade ahead.

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Facts Are Stubborn Things

There is no more hotly contested issue now than "healthcare reform". Like apple pie, everybody rallies around the concept, but there is striking division over what constitutes "healthy" reform. Beyond the arguments over the merits of the current bill (whatever that happens to be today), is the green eye-shade claim of deficit neutrality, something most people (for good reason) simply are not buying; they smell what is under the rug. Many peer right through the CBO flim-flam… Continue

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Poorly Kept Secret

Despite many deals with Cell carriers, most recently Verizon and its successful Motorola Droid™, all indicators point to a Google branded cell phone, monicker 'Nexus One', running the most recent release of Android™ (v2.1). You can read the latest posting about the "hardware that isn't". Although there have been many pretenders to Apple's… Continue

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Chrome (Mac) At Last

For those Macintosh users waiting for Google Chrome (Mac), your wait is over. You can download today. I've tried it, but it's too early to offer an opinion. I'm sure we'll be seeing reviews from the 'Mac Press' in the next few days.

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There is no dearth of hospital "scorecards" being distributed annually; some are more credible than others by way of their reproducible and rigorous methodology. The Leapfrog Group is a serious participant in this analytical space. Today, Leapfrog released its 2009 selections for best US hospitals. Their survey (found at is the only… Continue

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