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I just returned from a cholera mission to Haiti - my first.


I can't believe how little they have there. In response, I am bringing the first telemedicine terminal to the largest hospital in North Haiti. The Justinian Hospital in Cap Haitien.


Details on the project are at the following website:


I'm relativly new to all this so your comments and suggestions are most certianly welcomed !




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Comment by John Vitiello on March 2, 2011 at 4:33pm

Yes, thats right Samantha. There are volunteer doctors in Portland, Maine and Miami that have existing relationships with the staff at the Justinian hospital in Haiti. They travel down to provide help and guidance a week at a time, usually two or three times a year. By using teleconferencing equipment, they will be able to continue their efforts the rest of the year from their home towns. Attaching various peripherals to the equipment will allow for close-in inspections and the review of x-rays, ECGs etc...




Comment by Samantha Moore on March 2, 2011 at 12:55pm

Hi John,


Wow, what an amazing acomplishment. I took a look at the website and I presume that the device allows for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals NOT IN Haiti to help with teaching modules and course content for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals IN Haiti. It looks like the machine will also help get second and third opinions on x-ray images and patient diagnosis.


Am I on the right track?


Good luck and be sure to let the community know how things progress.


Safe travels,


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