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Clymer/JR's Videos (25)

  • TEDMED/Prosthetics


    Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway robot, talks emotionally about the quest for a prosthetic arm th… Clymer/JR Apr 5, 2010 19 views

  • TEDMED/Consumer Genomics

    TEDMED/Consumer Genomics

    Anne E. Wojcicki is cofounder of 23andMe, a genomics biotech firm. She is married to Sergei Brin, c… Clymer/JR Apr 5, 2010 16 views

  • Lighter Side

    Lighter Side

    Where does it say that a serious social network like MedTechIQ can't share a few laughs? BTW, these… Clymer/JR Oct 16, 2009 33 views

  • Best of CES'09

    Best of CES'09

    Get a look at Palm's new Pre™, the hands down winner of the best of CES'09. Clymer/JR Apr 28, 2009 51 views

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