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As reported in Federal Computer Weekly ... Local, state and federal first responders can join a new online professional network from the Homeland Security Department’s (DHS) Science and
Technology Directorate (S&T) to connect and share advice on how to
best prepare for and respond to all hazards..

...Through the online network named “First Responder Communities of Practice,” fire, law
enforcement, emergency medical services, and emergency management
personnel can sign up for the network, log in, and search for other
professionals, connect, and share best practices.

The network kicked off Feb. 1 and has cost DHS about $1.2 million ... and features the network features user profiles, professional tags, RSS feeds, wikis, and blogs ...  in five years, DHS hopes the network will have 500,000 people, or about one-fifth of the roughly 2.5 million first responders in the United

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