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Congratulations to MedTech-IQ Member & CEO, Anthrotronix, Corrina Lathan.

In a recent, MIT Tech Review overview it was noted that ... At the end of May, AnthroTronix, a company based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, released its first commercial version of the AcceleGlove, a programmable glove that records hand and finger movements...

... The gloves are wired with sensors that provide useful information about a user's motions, and they offer a novel way to interact with computers beyond the keyboard and mouse ...

Other gloves--like 5DT's Data Glove, used primarily in virtual reality--normally cost $1,000 to $5,000, but the AcceleGlove costs just $499. It comes with software that lets developers use Java to program it for any application they wish. AnthroTronix initially developed the glove with the U.S. Department of Defense for robotic control. The glove could also be used in video games, sports training, or physical rehabilitation... See video link of Jack Vice, president and CTO of AnthroTronix using the AcceleGlove to control a robotic arm,

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