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MedTech-IQ member, Dr Peter Yellowlees ... New Research Examines Feasibility Of Asynchronous Telepsychiatry


Researchers, led by Peter M. Yellowlees, M.B.B.S., M.D., at the University of California, Davis have demonstrated the feasibility of using pre-recorded videos of patients, along with other patient information, to provide psychiatric consultations to referring primary care clinicians. This process, known as asynchronous telepsychiatry, was developed to increase access to services for people in under-served rural communities...

... Dr Yellowlees and his research team were trying to develop solutions to the problem of shortages of mental health professionals in rural areas ...

... Telepsychiatry using live two-way interactive video transmission has been used for some time. However, scheduling and technological difficulties limit the use of this approach..

...  An asynchronous approach, in which a psychiatrist watches a prerecorded patient interview can make distance care more widely available...

... In this study, a nonpsychiatrist research physician conducted 20 to 30-minute interviews with English-speaking adults who were believed to have nonemergency psychiatric problems by their primary care physician. The videotaped interviews were sent, along with other patient data, to psychiatrists who provided consultation to the primary care physicians...

... The consulting psychiatrists provided feedback within two weeks; however, the researchers noted that feedback could be provided within 24 hours if asynchronous telepsychiatry were to become a regular service. Asynchronous telepsychiatry could be suitable for up to 80 percent of patients requiring assessment, according to the study authors..

... The study, "A Feasibility Study of the Use of Asynchronous Telepsychiatry for Psychiatric Consultations," appears in the August issue of Psychiatric Services, a journal of the American Psychiatric Association ..

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