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May 2010 Blog Posts (7)

New Video for MedTech-IQ ... Ron Merrell & Telemedicine, Regenerative Medicine, mHealth, Simulation, Health IT, International Health


In the continuing quest to provide you with the 3C's of "Content, Community & Collaboration", please see new videos for your information & illumination ...




Telemedicine: Dr Ronald Merrell ... VCU Telemedicine

Dr Ron… Continue

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Kudos to TATRC ... Annual Report 2009


Often I bring to your attention, medical technology developments deriving from investments by the military medical research community. Frequently, it has been my experience, that military medical research will push the envelope in ways that develop whole new capabilities that we all end up benefiting from ....

.... Recent examples would be the leadership role Department of Defense research has taken in teleradiology, clinical telemedicine, surgical robotics,… Continue

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Cut Health Care Costs With Prevention

On May 12, 2010 the Harvard Business Review ran this post of mine on their web site. The original is at

Prevention is the key to both better health and lower health-care costs over the long haul. This is where the nation — and each of us as individuals — needs to put energy and resources. In the long run, it is more important than addressing the high cost of new technologies and drugs or their inappropriate… Continue

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Leapin' Androids

Following up on Conrad Clyburn's post earlier this week, read eWeek's analysis of the current leap in sales for the Android platform, and projections for its future competitiveness in the "smart-phone" marketplace.

PS. No sooner do I digest the above, than…

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HealthSaaS, Inc. releasing online vertical suite of condition and disease specific Personal Health Records (PHR)

HealthSaaS today announced they are releasing an online suite of condition and disease specific Personal Health Record (PHR) services. The first to be released is PainPHR

DiabetesPHR and SportsmedPHR will be available later this year. BreastcancerPHR and ProstatecancerPHR will be made available in 2011.

Alan Paget, CTO of states, “Each PHR will have its own unique attributes as every condition or… Continue

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Calls on the Cheap

Like the PC mag article states "No one should be paying for long-distance calls anymore". This piece is simply a good review of the various offerings out there, most of which simply require a broad-band connection, and utilize VOIP. THERE ARE NO BAD CHOICES!

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Further Disruptive Trends in Medicine

Generally we prefer calm seas but often they don’t get us anywhere. We need disruptions, transformations to make the changes necessary for real progress in medicine. Sometimes it is a new technology; sometimes a cultural change. But then a refinement may occur. The refinement may not seem like a “disruption” but indeed it can be because the refinement may create a demand for change. Here a few more disruptive changes or refinements that are leading to disruptions of the old ways.… Continue

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