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July 2012 Blog Posts (4)

Medical Megatrends – Stem Cells – Part II of III

Imagine a man with a recent severe heart attack who has the muscle repaired with stem cells or a child with a severe bladder defect repaired with stem cells grown on a biodegradable scaffold. Sounds like science fiction but these are actual clinical studies in progress today.

Stem cell therapies promise to be one of those scientific breakthroughs that will have an enormous impact on health care in the future. Stem cells will bring us closer to the goal of personalized medicine,…


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Medical Megatrends – Stems Cells – Part I of III

New cells to replace those destroyed in diabetes type 1, cells to help heal a heart attack, cells to cure leukemia – this is the promise of stem cells. Some of this is happening now; more will be available in a few years.

Stem cells will usher in the era of regenerative medicine, allowing the creation of cells, tissues and organs to treat or cure diseases and injuries. This will be a fundamental alteration in our approach to medical care and a transformational medical megatrend. And…


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Andreessen Horowitz swings for the GitHub fences with $100 Million Series A Venture Investment


Please see link below to article in "Upstart Business Journal" on the recent $100 Million Series A investment in GitHub made by one of Silicon Valley's hottest venture capital firms Andressssen Horowitz.

As it probably goes without saying, a $100 million is an outsized early stage venture investment.  It is my understanding that GitHub had refused outside money to this point.  A typical Series A investment would usually range between $3 to $6…


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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Are A Major Threat – Preventing Transmission is Critical

Imagine a person that develops an acute problem that requires hospitalization and even a time in the ICU. Serious but something that modern medical care can deal with and cure. Until …the patient now develops an unexpected serious infection and despite excellent and appropriate medical care, dies. Unfortunately this scenario is all too common in today’s hospitals.


More than 100,000 Americans die each year from hospital acquired infections; that is the infection developed only…


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