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September 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Lack of Care Coordination Leads to Patient Frustration and Poor Care

This is the third post in a series on care coordination and the importance of the electronic medical record to effect that coordination.


Medical images such as CT scans, MRI and pathology specimens are largely all digitized today so they can be transmitted to any location in an instant.  This means that the most experienced physician at a distant institution can be called upon to review, say, a mammogram that has raised questions for the initial local reviewers or for a…


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Mesothelioma – A Poorly Understood Cancer

Today is national mesothelioma awareness day which is fitting because so few know what mesothelioma is or its impact on its victims. Mesotheliomas are rare tumors caused predominantly by exposure to asbestos. This cancer is hard to diagnose early and harder still to treat effectively but there are advances coming and multi-disciplinary care along with good palliative care can markedly improve overall treatment.


They mostly occur on the lung lining (pleura) but can…


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Complex, Chronic Illnesses Last a Lifetime and Consume 70% of the Healthcare Dollar

Medical care is organized to treat acute conditions but the need today is to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, we are sorely lacking in a good chronic care management system. this will be the first in a series of six posts on this issue.


Our medical care system has developed over decades and even centuries around diagnosing and treating acute illnesses such as pneumonia, a gall bladder attack or appendicitis. The internist gives an antibiotic for…


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