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As reported by MIT Tech Review ... An interview with P4 (Predictive, Personalized, Preventative, Participatory) pioneer, Dr Leroy Hood of the Institute for Systems Biology on the future of personalized medicine ...

Personalized medicine: Leroy Hood, founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, in Seattle, has a vision of the future of medicine that he calls the “P4” approach. Credit: Institute for Systems Biology

... Leroy Hood has been at the center of a number of paradigm shifts in biology. He helped to invent the first automated DNA sequencing machine in the 1980s, along with several other technologies that have changed the face of molecular biology. And in 2000, he founded the Institute for Systems Biology, a multidisciplinary institute in Seattle dedicated to examining the interactions between biological information at many different levels, and to moving forward a new perspective for studying biology. The next revolution he plans to help shape is in medicine, using new technologies and new knowledge in biology and informatics to make its practice more predictive, preventative and personal..

... Hood contends that digitizing medical records--the health-care industry's major push at the moment--is just one small part of the informatics overhaul the field needs to undergo. And pharmacogenomics--the practice of using an individual's genetic makeup to choose drugs --provides only a limited example of the potential power of personalized medicine..

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Comment by CC-Conrad Clyburn-MedForeSight on March 9, 2010 at 10:05am
As reported in Xconomy ...

The Institute for Systems Biology, a Seattle-based nonprofit research center, said today it has received a five-year $6 million gift from a venture capitalist in California who wishes to remain anonymous. The money will be used to help the Institute move to a new facility that’s twice as large as its current location, to recruit new faculty members, and provide unrestricted support for its research into personalized medicine, biofuels, and global health. The Institute, co-founded by biotech pioneer Leroy Hood in 2000, has grown rapidly with a budget that now exceeds $50 million a year, largely because of increasing grant support and recognition of its scientific impact.

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