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Do you say "yes" at work when you would rather say "no?" Are you concerned with what others will think of you? In this essential webinar, you'll learn how effective you are at boundary-setting and why it can be hard for good people to say "no."

You'll find out how poor boundary-setting can lead to feeling fed up, overworked and resentful to the point of depression and illness.

You'll discover how good boundaries can protect you from being manipulated, used or violated by others. Finally, you'll learn keys to establish boundaries in a range of typical work situations.

Not setting healthy boundaries can impact your level of job performance and career success on an extreme level. When you don't have healthy boundaries, you may find yourself with much more work than you can handle, too many responsibilities and work that isn't even your job to do.

At a time when organizations are feeling pressured to produce more with less, employees at finding themselves pushed beyond measure, sometimes performing the work of 2-3 employees. This can happen when employees are fearful of saying "no," thinking their job will be on the line if they don't say "yes."

Speaker Profile

Dr. Miriam Reiss blends strong executive, leadership and career coaching skills with proven client success. Miriam has been a leader in the coaching industry for over two decades.

Miriam's results-driven approach holds clients to the highest standard and supports them in peak performance. Her style combines wisdom, strategy and leading edge resources. She is a specialist in career and leadership development, neuroscience, marketing and wellness. Miriam has coached individuals at all levels in a wide spectrum of industries and has worked with employees representing companies ranging from Microsoft, Fidelity and Boeing to the Peace Corps.

Miriam’s background includes training in Applied Psychology and Professional Coaching. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Master Coach and holds degrees from Cornell and Columbia Universities.

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