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Imaging: New generation neuroimaging - 3D multi-modality hybrid imaging

The superimposed neuronal fiber structures are difficult to be resolved by current neuroimaging modalities. Here at the National Taiwan Univeristy Hospital 3T MRI Laboratory, is demonstrated a novel technology called diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) to disentangle the complicated fiber structures. The images are acquired on a 3-Tesla MRI machine, including 3D high resolution T1-weighted images and DSI. 3D high resolution T1-weighted images allow reformating the images into different orientations, and is helpful in assessment of tumor extension. The MRI images are acquired from a patient with a brain tumor. In T1-weighted images, the tumor contour is ontlined and pseudocolored in yellow. Using DSI-reconstructed tractography, one can evaluate the relationship between the tumor and white matter tracts. The tractography shows three different tracts: corticospinal tract (blue one), corpus callosum (red one), and cingulum (green one). As you can see, the middle part of corpus callosum is totally interrupted by the tumor and the cingulum is pushed into the contralateral side. The corticospinal tract is not effected. The DSI tractography merged with the tumor contour explains the patient's neurological symptoms and helps neurosurgeons in presurgical planning.

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