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BioDefense: ADMS-COMMAND: Advanced Disaster Management Simulator

First responders arriving on the scene of an emergency make decisions that save lives. Proper training of these emergency workers is critical in limiting the loss of life, mitigating damage, and assuring the safety of the public. Live training is essential but expensive, time and resource consuming and the types of incidents that can be exercised are limited due to environmental and safety restrictions. Simulation is a proven methodology to meet live training experience and go beyond. ADMS-COMMAND, the next-generation Advanced Disaster Management Simulator, is a comprehensive interactive training simulator for all-hazards preparedness, providing authentic training situations, affordably, safely, and with no environmental impact. Objectives trained, include: Command and Control, Coordination and Communication, Planning and Resource Management.
To accomplish this, ADMS-COMMAND combines high-fidelity three-dimensional visuals and sound, a sophisticated physics engine and embedded artificial intelligence, resulting in open-ended learning situations based on real-world conditions. Trainees' commands drive the escalation or resolution of the situation. To further engage participants, additional simulator elements like immersive visual displays, vehicle controls and cabs can be integrated into the system. With ADMS, users can grow from a single station system to a complete, high-end multi-player team training center. ADMS-COMMAND comes with a comprehensive Trainer Toolset. Training staff can create new scenarios with the Scenario Generator and have full control over the exercises with scenario changes and on-the-fly injects. The type and degree of the incident, the location, types and quantities of initial injuries, available resources, and even the weather can all be adjusted to keep the training fresh and challenging.
Since 1995 ADMS-COMMAND has been used worldwide at major emergency response and disaster management training institutions to enhance training quality.

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