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Imaging: MedTech-IQ member firm ... Data Physics Research (DPR) Presents at OneMedForum in New York

DPR was one of several healthcare information technology providers that presented at the recent OneMedForum 2010 venture capital in New York. DataPhysics Research (DPR) of Danville, California is a technology company that has developed CaseReader, a turnkey software solution designed to help radiologists conduct faster, more accurate analyses. Currently, radiologists view two-dimensional image slices and mentally create a 3-D reconstruction of what they are seeing. DPR’s system streamlines this process by creating the reconstruction for them. CaseReader uses algorithms that allow the computer to recognize different organs and render them into an “indexed volumetric image” that can facilitate the data analysis process. The entire process of reading an X-ray, generating a report, and getting it back to the patient can take 2 to 3 days ... According to MedTech-IQ member, Steve Douglas, CEO of DataPhysics Research, radiologists have projected that CaseReader can reduce that time by 40 percent. In addition to its imaging capabilities, CaseReader also has the ability to track the radiologist’s impressions during the review and immediately generate an editable report. This eliminates the need to pay medical transcription fees to produce a report based upon the radiologist’s dictation. Radiologists may also click on images and embed them in the report to give the physician a more thorough understanding of the patient’s results. DPR is currently partnered with a leading teleradiology company to test CaseReader, and is close to finalizing a partnership with an independent imaging center. The company next seeks to partner with an academic medical center and a hospital-based radiology group to complete the validation of CaseReader in real world situations.

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