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Alfred Spector, Vice President of Research and Special Initiatives for Google Health speaks with Dr. Eric Fishman about Googles niche in the Personal Health Record (PHR) market. In the 2 years since Google Health launched, the PHR has become integrated with more providers of information and has made significant strides in usability. Mr. Spector talks about how Google Healths PHR helps patients gain an aspect of control regarding their health and healthcare.

As interoperability and sharing of health information becomes the new frontier for Health IT, Google Health is focusing the ability for bidirectional transfer of data between various Electronic Health Record, E-Prescribing, Laboratory, Radiology, and Insurance Company systems and patients Google Health PHRs. Mr. Spector also makes it clear that patients have a right to their own data, and Google Health could be a major part of the Patient Centered Medical Home approach. Mr. Spector closes by communicating Google Healths mission- as a Google company- to provide consumer value. Google Healths plans for the future include health goal tracking and integrated technologies to support health/wellness and disease monitoring.

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