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At 6:27pm on December 13, 2008, Mark Stern, MD, MBA said… I recently joined MedTechIQ. My name is Mark Stern. I am an emergency medicine physician for >20 years and also have an MBA from Michigan. I recently put together a Business plan for Telemedicine, specifically for ICU's in rural hospitals in the U.S. but am also interested on utilizing this technique on a global basis. There are obviously many additional areas that this technology can and will be utilized in the near future. I am looking for individuals with an interest and /or expertise in this area who would be interested in collaborating on this project. I have a relationship with two intensivist groups that have expressed interest in providing services.

Mark Stern, MD. MBA

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Comment by Charlene Riikonen on December 16, 2008 at 12:53am
Mark, this could be an interesting way to help avert preventable hospitalizations, and I'd be interested to see how we might make CeraLyte oral rehydration available via this system. Years ago I saw how some traveling vans helped, for example in rural Mississippi. Yet some areas in cities, such as in NYC and Baltimore, have so little access to health care that they might as well as be in a remote area. This is a whole new approach. We manufacture rice-based oral rehydration which, if used early, at home, when an illness which needs rehydration starts, an IV can be prevented by just sipping a correctly formulated oral rehydration solution.
One big advantage of CeraLyte is its low osmolarity for fast yet sustained hydration, as well as its low cost.
The challenge is the outreach and keeping the delivery costs at a minimum yet fast. It would be interesting to explore options. Charlene Riikonen, Cera Products, Inc.,
Comment by Azhar Rafiq on December 15, 2008 at 9:05am
I have been involved in the domestic and international telemed arena for some time and would be glad to explore the issue of collaboration - especially disparity in care in the ICU arena. You can find some of my writings in PubMed
Keep me posted -
Comment by CC-Conrad Clyburn-MedForeSight on December 14, 2008 at 4:34pm

I have two broad recommendations. One, join the MedTechIQ "International Health and Humanitarian Assistance" Group, There are a number of people in this group who are deeply committed to leveraging ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to better deliver health care in regions that are currently medically underserved. Two, broadcast this message. MedTechIQ is still relatively nascent. I know there are members of the community who are equally experienced & committed, that have not yet joined the International group. To broadcast the message, click the Share button at the bottom of your post and then the send to all members option. Thank you for using MedTechIQ. If these strategies don't work, I can hook you up directly with a couple of members that can help. Take care.


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