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Please see message below from MedTech-IQ member, Harvey Magee ...



To the Medical Simulation & Training Community of Interest:


A formal Program Announcement (PA) was posted to ( 12 Jul 10. A short description follows below. This PA announces a Combat Casualty Training Consortium. As stated in the PA, the Armed Forces Simulation Institute for Medicine (AFSIM) is being formed. One of its roles will be to identify potential future related R&D efforts, e.g., a Practice Based Consortium and a Patient Focused Consortium, among other things.  As information is available and is releasable, we will keep you informed of other AFSIM news in the future.


Funding Opportunity Number: W81XWH-10-JPC-MEDSIM-CCTC

Short Title: Combat Casualty Training Consortium (CCTC)

Proposal Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, 24 September 2010




This Program Announcement (PA) seeks to establish a Combat Casualty Training Consortium (CCTC). The US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) is soliciting full proposals to address the needs identified below. The results of these efforts are intended to ensure and sustain combat readiness and save lives through well validated training methodologies. The CCTC, which is intended to be formed as a result of awards made in response to this PA, is focused on militarily relevant trauma training. In the short-term
(1-2 years), the CCTC seeks to validate both live tissue training methodologies and simulator based training alternatives, with the goal of making a statistically valid comparison of their effectiveness and transfer. This will require applications of metrics developed and validated by the sub-awardees and overseen by the CCTC and guided by military Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Midterm goals (up to 3 years) include evaluation of training retention and identification of existing simulator gaps for the purpose of future research and development of simulator systems that have the potential to replace the presumed gold standard of animal/live tissue training.


How do you get a copy of the Program Announcement?


1- Long way - go to: and “drill down” until you find the downloadable PDF file.

2- Short way – click this direct link to the Synopsis page, from which you’re only two “clicks” away from getting the PDF file:;jsessionid=72wVM8YTJnK2vR8hx... 


In compliance with DoD procurement and ethics regulations, I respectfully request that you NOT respond to me directly.  There is an established process to follow, and we are all obligated to abide by it. Thanks for doing so!


Questions related to the submission process for this announcement should be directed to Ms. Mary Rico at the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity at  Questions related to the research area, administrative process (such as obtaining DUNS
number) for this announcement should be directed to TATRC at


Feel free to “pass it on” if you know others who may be either interested in the PA or in posting a “link” on any legal and appropriate web site.


Best Regards,




J. Harvey Magee

Technical Director, Simulation & Training Technology Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command

Phone: 301-619-4002

  FAX: 301-619-7911


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This important funding announcement for MedTech-IQ members interested in medical simulation & training has changed somewhat. Perhaps, of greatest interest to us, is that the number of anticipated awards seems to have been reduced from 3 to 1. That will make this a big award if I am reading the modification accurately ...



The Full Announcement has been revised as follows:

1. A listing of military Subject Matter Experts will not be provided upon request as indicated initially in the Full Announcement. The related paragraph beginning with “A listing of potential active duty military Subject Matter Experts” has been deleted from page 10 of the Full Announcement.

2. The submission due date is 24 September 2010 as stated in the Synopsis and under the Timeline for Submission and Review on page 17 of the Program Announcement. Pages 27 and 37 of the Program Announcement have been revised to clarify conflicting date information. Pages 27 (under Formatting Guidelines) and 37 (under Contacts) had previously indicated 8 September 2010 as the submission due date. These dates have been corrected to 24 September 2010.


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