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Medical modeling, simulation and computer based training/education are exciting areas of development.  But, they have faced daunting challenges of integrating into profitable revenue flows and business models.  See link to "Games and costs for medical education", an excellent summary of the challenges and opportunities in ZDNet Healthcare by the always insightful, Dana Blackenhorn ...

... Another route to consider, may be partnering with a large distributor to add value to their product offering.  An example of this strategy is embodied in Siemens' recent press release of their new partnership pairing their product offerings for the Emergency Care environments with patient education content provider, ExitCare for discharge management...

... As the press release notes "The move stems from Siemens’ goal to equip healthcare providers with fresh, highly relevant, patient-focused educational offerings in an easy-to-access format that complement its existing medical software technologies portfolio."  ... In my MedTech-IQ way of thinking about technology translation, this links advanced distributed medical learning with a potentially sustainable business model ...

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