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The Dutch innovation agency TNO, says ... Europe needs a clear road map to transform the current R&D effort – described by experts as still in its infancy – into a leading robotics for healthcare (R4H) movement ...

... Rexcently, TNO led a group of research organisations, including Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (DE), VTT technical research (FI), Vilans (NL) and EuroAct Japan, which took up the challenge to map the way forward for European robotics in the medical and health field...

Extensive consultation revealed 21 main innovation areas showing commercial potential. These were then whittled down by the study group to six key areas “ripe for further investigation and road mapping.”...

... The Six areas contained in the roadmap are:

* Smart medical capsules
* Robotised surgery
* Smart Intelligent prosthesis
* Robotised analysis of motion coordination and therapy
* Robotised patient monitoring systems
* Robot-supported psychic, cognitive and social therapy

... TNO's study notes several clear trends in R4H over the coming decade or so:

* A revolution in surgery by all kinds of robotic systems
* Developments in diagnostics, through the evolution of more intelligent and multi-functional endoscopic capsules
* Greater autonomy and independence for people with illnesses and disabilities at home through the introduction of domestic robots (first for monitoring, later for support tasks)
* Robotic systems in nursing care to support the arduous work of the individual professional and to counteract the imminent staff shortages

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