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Robotics has begun to make the transition from the scientific fringes to having a major operational impact in the day to day lives of millions of people. From war to medicine, robots, both autonomous and controlled, are integrating into how we as humans extend our capabilities. Here is list compiled from various sources of some of the high impact developments in robotics over the decade, just past ...

1. Remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft/drones in the U.S. military.

2. Ground based, supervised military robots.

3. Autonomous home cleaning robots.

4. Surgical Robotics expanding procedures and exceeding a 3,000 unit installed based

5. Autonomous vehicles in the two DARPA grand challenge demonstrations.

6. Health Telepresence Robots in clinical and assisted living settings.

7. Deployed automated logistics robots in fulfillment centers.

8. Advanced robotic prosthesis

9. EKG and 3D Human Computer Interface (HCI) control systems

10. Early stage controlled & autonomous robotic evacuation systems

Read on and see these developments at:

To see MIT Tech Review's 2009 Year in Review: Robots click here:



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