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Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.

The Apps for the Army (A4A) competition recently announced the winners for their first internal applications-development challenge, and DCoE’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2) won gold in the morale, welfare and recreation category for their Telehealth Mood Tracker mobile application.

“We want to accommodate the military’s psychological health needs with 21st century technologies,” said Dr. Greg Gahm, director of T2. “Creating tools for wellness requires a working commitment between the psychologists and the technology specialists. I am proud of the T2 team for their accomplishment in the Apps for the Army challenge and their desire to support the military community with innovative and adaptive technologies.”

T2 MoodTracker allows service members to track their moods. Users can self-monitor their mood variations daily, weekly, monthly or even from hour to hour, which helps service members understand the impact of stress and common emotional reactions that follow a deployment. Service members track their moods on a touch screen using a visual analogue scale which allows users to choose a point on a color continuum to reflect their current emotions, such as feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety or stress...

The Apps for the Army challenge began in March, asking developers to submit software applications for mobile phones and other “smart” devices that help overcome mission-related
challenges. The winning apps support service members in physical training, psychological health, disaster relief, mapping and recruiting. Visit for more information about the competition and other winners.

*For more information on T2’s innovative programs, visit

*Check out our recent post about another exciting T2 mobile application, iBreathe.

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