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MedTechIQ member Roulette Smith, PhD Receives U.S. Patent Office “Notice of Allowance" for Protonic-Electronic-Ionic-Photonic Molecular Calculator


We offer a hearty MedTech-IQ congratulations to Roulette Smith, PhD who has recently received a “Notice of Allowance” from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for his invention, the  protonic-electronic-ionic-photonic molecular calculator (i.e., preliophic moleculator) ...

... Dr. Smith’s invention represents a novel and significant advance over electrophoretic methods. Electrophoresis is useful in explicating and elucidating molecular structures (e.g., by separating natural and denatured molecules according to size, charge et al.). Preliophics can be used to explicate and elucidate molecular functions by examining normal and aberrant molecular interactions (or the lack of interactions). In electrophoresis, electromotive forces and gradients are used to propel molecules in parallel pathways. Because of this parallelism, molecular interactions cannot be investigated. Preliophics provides the novel means for using electromotive forces and gradients in investigating natural (i.e., non-denatured) molecular interactions and their normal and/or aberrant downstream consequences...

... Over the years, Dr. Smith has focused his research on novel ways for investigating stress-induced “autovirulent” aberrant epigenetic molecular byproducts that can contribute to unforeseen and unforeseeable downstream consequences contributing to diseases, syndromes, natural conditions et al. ...  He believes preliophics and a focus on downstream consequences of autovirulent actions could change the ways we perceive and discuss biochemistry, microbiology, infectious processes, genetics, pathology, psychiatry and many other disciplines...



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