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Andreessen Horowitz swings for the GitHub fences with $100 Million Series A Venture Investment


Please see link below to article in "Upstart Business Journal" on the recent $100 Million Series A investment in GitHub made by one of Silicon Valley's hottest venture capital firms Andressssen Horowitz.

As it probably goes without saying, a $100 million is an outsized early stage venture investment.  It is my understanding that GitHub had refused outside money to this point.  A typical Series A investment would usually range between $3 to $6 million.  

I believe this large of a Series A commitment is an indicator of the deeply disruptive potential represented by GitHub, an open source code management/social networking company, and the open source software development approach which is at the heart of our OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent) code management and repository system.  

Who says open source doesn’t  have a business model?

Congratulations to GitHub founder and CTO Tom Preston-Werner for leading the way.

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