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Breast Cancer Risk: How does hormone imbalance increase breast cancer risk?

We had a FANTASTIC conversation with Dr. Eldred Taylor on Thursday night!

Dr. Taylor covered a vast amount of information related to breast cancer and hormones and answered a significant number of listener questions. Here are a few of the questions covered:

  • Why do doctors continue prescribing a medication if research has shown negative results?
  • If mammograms are not the best way to detect breast cancer, what is?
  • What is the connection between stress and cancer risk?
  • How does hormone imbalance increase cancer risk?
  • What steps can you take with your diet and lifestyle to reduce cancer risk?
  • If you weren't able to make the call live, the replay will be available for 96 hours.

To access the replay register at:


You can donate to the American Cancer Society today
to support breast cancer research at

Donations - large and small - are all welcome and appreciated!

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Here's wishing you optimal health and life balance,

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD

Stay tuned for upcoming "Conversations for a Cause" events.

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