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"Crisis Commons" ... Haiti Earthquake Relief - Open Source, Real-Time Networks, Info & Maps


Thank you to MedTech-IQ members Michael Russel and Bart Stidham for informing me about CrisisCommons, host of CrisisCamp, at: Crisis Commons is an international volunteer network that creates open source tools for responders to mitigate disasters.

Crisis Commons includes:

Mapping NGOs in Action:
Hundreds of NGOs have ongoing operations in Haiti. But who's who and where are they? This project is gathering information to create an overview database of relief assistance that is deployed to Haiti. The project will create a directory of organizations, people on the ground, where they are, what they are doing, and what they need. See spreadsheet at:

“We Need, We Have,”:
This project, in partnership with the State Department, creates a "Craigslist" type of self-identified needs and requests by non-profits assisting in Haiti relief operations and technology volunteers around the world.

Haiti OpenStreetMap
A week ago maps of Haiti had little more than a few highways and roads. In just a week, the largely empty and incomplete maps have been filled in by thousands of volunteers to generate what is currently the most complete map of the country of Haiti. The city of Port-au-Prince is largely mapped and volunteers are now working on outlying cities and villages. Beyond just marking roads and transit information, there is now an analysis of damaged buildings, displacement camps, and triage centers.

Language & Translation:
Mainstream online translation tools don't support the Creole language. This project is dedicated to using technology to assist in translating priority content resources between Creole and English (and other languages) in support of relief assistance and CrisisCamp projects.

Haiti Basemap:
The damage of the earthquake has left roads and villages inaccessible, and people displaced from their homes. This project will provide new geospatial perspectives and data points to create a base map for non-profits in need of current geospatial information.

Mobile Applications 4 Crisis Response:
The Mobile Applications team is working to make mobile applications for programs and projects. These applications will be useable on mobile phones and will assist users in locating news, resources, language translation, and visual communications tools.

Family Reunification Systems:
This project focuses on searching for missing persons catalogs, databases, and information pages. The team is providing constructive suggestions for the International community in terms of access for the gathered information.

NPR Crisis Wiki:
This project assists National Public Radio to create a Crisis Wiki to share real time information in a collaborative space ...

The Haiti Timeline:
This project is an organic approach at looking at the series of events, types of data available, when actions occurred, status of the events, and who is doing what; this project is constantly changing and adding new information in real time.


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