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InsightMedi- The Global Photo-sharing Network for Healthcare Professionals

Sharing is an integral part of a health professional's medical education. Health professionals learn by sharing clinical knowledge, and by experience through examples in the form of  clinical cases. InsightMedi is a mobile app that makes it possible to share medical images and expertise and learn from discussion and clinical collaboration from a global base of health professionals. The InsightMedi network brings the knowledge, tools, resources and collaboration you need for your cases in your clinical practice to your pocket wherever you are and whenever you need. InsightMedi ensures complete privacy protection for the patient and makes clinical cases open for feedback from the global healthcare community within the app. Mobile clinical resources are becoming increasingly important in the health field and are used by health professionals everyday in their practice. When it comes to learning the basics of medical procedures, radiology and other medical technology, InsightMedi is a free resource to utilize in clinical practice. For more information check out the website

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