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Intelligent Healthcare Information Integration 3/2/09


As recommended by MedTechIQ member, Ron Pion, MD, an excellent post from Dr. Gregg Alexander, a grunt-in-the-trenches pediatrician and geek.
U.S. Healthcare Overhaul? Sure … in 5 Easy Steps!

The unfettered free market system has done about as well for Healthcare as it did for its cousin, Finance. I personally believe in capitalism, but perhaps guided capitalism is necessary when universal concerns are involved (to corral the misguided – right, Mr. Madoff?) It appears to me that without some form of nationalized healthcare supervision (the dreaded ‘socialized’ medicine monster?) it is unclear if we will ever stop digging deeper this healthcare hole. Exactly what form of federal regulation and to what extent we need it is controversial, but I do know we must address the problem, preferably with some new, creative thought.

With this in mind, my dear Mr. Obama, et al, I here offer up the …

“Official Grunt-in-the-Trenches Complete U.S. Healthcare System Overhaul and National Health Information Network in Five Easy Steps Disruptive Innovation Package”

…for your review and consideration.

Read an at:



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