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Making financial institution’s payment franchise stronger

Financial institutions have long been the most important source of payments for their customers. Of late, though, with an increase in competition and the advent of new non-bank entries into the marketplace, financial institutions have come under a lot more strain than they used to be.

Financial institutions need to reinvent themselves in a number of ways. They need to adapt novel strategies to capitalize on the existing trust and the customer experience to reverse the trend in order to get back lost customers, and retain existing ones. They need to phase out outdated payments models, since these are becoming expensive to maintain and make a profit, and start viewing payments from the customers’ perspective to better understand their needs now and in the future.

Get to learn the ways of getting it right

The ways by which the financial institutions can see the present economic scenario in a new perspective which will help them make grow and make profits will be the learning a webinar from Compliance4All, a leading provider of professional trainings for the areas of regulatory compliance, will be providing.

Ray Graber, a senior BFSI professional who brings a deep and thorough understanding of banking, technology, and finance, will be the speaker at this webinar. To get a thorough perspective of financial institutions, please register by logging on to

Working through the silos

Banks, credit unions, and payments processors face a peculiar situation when they have to win customers and maintain compliance with procedures at the same time. Security precautions on one area may not carry over to another, as a result of which the whole plan may crumble. Customers have various entry points into the bank and credit union –each with its own vulnerabilities and access. Protecting one may provide a gap in another unless they are bound to each other and are seen as dependent upon one another. To overcome this shortfall, financial institutions need to develop a comprehensive payments strategy across business groups.

A few financial institutions have created customer-centric marketing plans around a particular type of customer. This has served as the basis for the bank to also create security to match that philosophy.

This webinar is useful for executives in every bank and credit union area, such as Payments Professionals, Operations Managers, Financial Officers, Risk Officers, Internal Auditors, Operational Risk Managers, Business Managers/Controllers, and Account Managers, as they develop and maintain payments as the core business practice for their customers

Ray will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • What does Customer-Centric mean?
  • What is the customer's view of payments?
  • Customer's needs
  • View of compliance/rules/regulations
  • What is the financial institution's view?
  • How do they stay compliant?
  • Rules and regulations the customer does not see
  • Balancing customer service and compliance
  • S.W.O.T.
  • Strengths that banks should exploit
  • Weaknesses that banks should shore up
  • Opportunities for banks to take advantage of
  • Threats that banks cannot ignore
  • Examples
  • U.S. Bank
  • International bank
  • Non-bank
  • Virtual bank

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