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MedTech-IQ Member, Dr Bertalan Mesko, Launches Exciting, New Social Media Training Course


Without a doubt, MedTech-IQ member, Dr Bertalan Mesko (Berci for short) is one of our leading lights in charting the course of social media and medicine, internationally.  He is now making available his online curriculum for training in social media, medicine and healthcare - for free ... Bravo!

Thank you Berci! 

Please see his announcement and links to the course below, and ...




Social media is changing how medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered. Patients, doctors, communication or even time management, everything is changing, except one thing: medical education. We need a revolution!

When a UK physician wanted to visit Hungary every week just to attend my university course focusing on social media and medicine, I decided it's time to make this course global.

Today, The Social MEDia Course goes live with 16 flash Prezis, exciting tests, badges and achievements. Enjoy and have fun while learning! Medical students, physicians and even patients, everyone is welcome to take the course which is, of course, for free.

Best regards,

Dr. Bertalan Mesko

Managing director and founder
Webicina LLC

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