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Misconception - Universal coverage for all Americans will reduce costs

Unfortunately that is not the case; indeed it will create substantial added expenditures. Today we spend about $7500 per capita for medical care each year. That is built into our insurance whether it is commercial or Medicare along with co-pays and deductibles. In my view it is unfortunate that Congress has not done much to address the high and rising costs of medical care in the reform bills.

America is the only country in the developed world that does not have some system to ensure everyone of at least basic medical care coverage - shame on us. The bills in Congress now will mean that another 30 million individuals will have some form of insurance – this is certainly good. And those with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage. And that is certainly good as well. But offering coverage to all will cost someone, you and me, in taxes since the newly insured will presumably now expend the same $7500 each.

Certainly it is true that access to a physician for basic medical care will mean fewer visits to the ER, less hospitalizations, and better overall health for the individual. This will mean better medical care, a healthier population and it will reduce the cost of care some but there are still substantial real costs for getting medical care to 30 million of those not insured today. To think otherwise is to ignore reality.

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