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Nanomedicine - A Key Component to the Future of Medicine

Nanotechnology is making fast advances in medicine. I have written about it before here and in "The Future of Medicine - Megatrends in Healthcare." A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. New science and technology based on the nanometer refers to the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to build machines on a scale of nanometers or to create materials and structures from the bottom up with novel properties. Nanotechnology, according to the National Science Foundation, could change the way almost everything is designed and made, from automobile tires to vaccines to objects not yet imagined. The concept is to prepare "smart objects" that can invade small spaces and target specific parts of the body. Many researchers expect nanoscience to have a profound impact on the way medicine is practiced perhaps being truly transformational.

Nanomedicine is not new to many MedTechIQ members but here is a an infogram that gives a nice overview, compliments of  its originator, Marcela De Vivo and the sponsor Associates Degree in Nursing.

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