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Now with 1 Click CONNECT you can click the name of an expert, and send a message to them directly from their Member Profile page. Let me know if you find this feature useful. It is always good to stay connected. From "MedTechIQ" ... The international home of the 3C's ... "Content, Community & Collaboration" for medical technology. Now please welcome the new members...



Academia & Non-Proft:

Matthew T. Freedman: Digital radiography, computer aided detection and diagnosis. USA

Rudra Nevatia: Telemedicine Software. India

Kevin S. Hopkins, MD: Craniofacial/Plastic Surgery, Telemedicine outreach developing countries. USA

Sriram Iyengar: I am on the faculty of the School of Health Inforamtion Sciences at the University of Texas in Hosuton. My interestes/expertise include systems biology of trauma and clinical inforamtics. I am co-founder of and the creator of the GuideView system that enables creation of interactive, structured rich media clinical advice and the execution (playback) on multiple platforms including cell phones. USA

dr herman h de boer: orthopedics, traumatology and tropical care. Netherlands

Jordana Bernard: Telemedicine, Healthcare Technology Applications, Association Management. USA

Zoumanan Debe: e-health. Canada

Pat Wise: EMRs/EHRs. USA

Kevin Williams: Persuasion, Technology, Networks, and Databases. USA

Dr. Paul W. Smith: Founder and Director of Engineering with INVENTtPM LLc, has more than 35 years of experience in research and advanced product development. Strong project leader combining a broad technical background with exceptional communications skills and hands-on problem solving abilities. Demonstrated ability to bring new enabling technologies into the early product development cycle and successfully integrate them in a timely and cost effective manner in a team-based collaborative environment. Significantly reduced expenses and improved reliability of new technology introductions through the use of six-sigma methodologies. Innovative thinker able to build, organize and motivate highly effective cross-disciplinary teams and maximize the return on resources for a company.

Patricia Hendrix
: Administration. USA

Sean Kennedy: Medical Integration with Innovative Technology, Health Information Technology, Government Affairs. USA

Sandra Mwewa: Biology-Pharmacy. USA

Gary Capistrant: Telemedicine, Medicare, Medicaid, national health reforms. USA


Denise Ang: Organiser of 38th WORLD CONGRESS ON MILITARY MEDICINE - 4-9 OCTOBER 2009 conference and exhibition - - KUALA LUMPUR. Malayasia

Gary Feather: Continuous monitoring wearable self management solutions for cost reductions in chronic diseases. USA

Paul M Picciano: Aptima, Inc., Human-Centered Engineering, PhD, Cognitive & Neural Science, MS Human Factors & Ergonomics, BS Mechanical Engineering. Human Factors, Cognitive Engineering, Decision Making, Human Error, Cognitive Work Analysis, Information Fusion. USA

Pat Brey: Video and conferencing systems, electron microscopy sample preparation. USA

T. Michael Rauch II: International Healthcare Project and Business Development. USA

Gregory Lockman: Healthcare Policy and Reimbursement. USA

Ben Sawyer: Games, Videogames, Games for Health, Serious Games, Simulation, Game Development, Games Industry. USA

Linda Branagan: Telemedicine, organizational adoption of health information technology. USA

Larry Lyon: Intellectual property specialist and consultant. USA

Kim Guevara: Telemedicine, International Relations, Emergency Preparedness & Response. USA

Werner Mayes: Online Collaboration Software / Digital Media Management. USA

Vanessa Leigh McLaughlin: Telemedicine Business Development, Grant and foundation funding and Health IT initiative development. USA

Tom Helper: Technology, BioInformatics. USA

Robert Rosenbaum: IT & Informatics. USA

Sergio Eslava: Medical Informatics, Telemedicine. USA

Michael Elste: Retired USAF, PACS, Tele-radiology, Tele-medicine. USA

Sandra Marley: IT and medical recruitment staffing and payrolling. USA

Christina Caldwell: Public sector healthcare. USA

Melanie Penniman: Industry. USA

Victoria Hoe: Telemedicine, Teleradiology, Disaster Response. USA

Krystle Kopacz: Health. USA


Keith L Salzman: Medicine/Informatics. USA

Stephanie Jaime: Research and Development Analyst. USA

Charles M. Peterson: Medical Research. USA

Harris J. Melby: Information Technology Staffing, Payroll Services. USA

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