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Apple has had one incredible week. First the iPad release has exceeded market predictions. I've been somewhat skeptical, but the more I see & hear of this device, the more I think they may have another tiger by the tail. Time will tell.

If that weren't enough, now comes the announcement of OS4 for the iPhone ... a very cool device but one which has historically missed the capability to multi-task ... not for long. The company has been listening to its customers. Leave it to Apple once again to get it right. This is multitasking like no other mobile platform. For release this summer, the latest OS boasts background VOIP, background music, the ability to nest applications, increased enterprise compatibility, and new revenue mechanisms to incentivize even better applications. As the gold standard for smart telephony, Apple has raised the bar again. Words don't do this beauty justice. Watch Steve Jobs for yourself.

PS. Additional take from PC Magazine

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