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Stem Cells, Cancer, and You. The Mystery and the Update

The mystery of stem cells: If you had cancer, what would you do today?

How can stem cells help chemo-resistant cancer patients?

Fascinating discussion with Dr. Mitchell Ghen yesterday as we dove into Stem Cells, Cancer, and You. The Mystery and the Update.

Here are a few of the questions Dr. Ghen answered:

· Can you explain what Stem Cells are and why they are so important?

· What type of Stem Cells are there?

· Who would benefit from a Stem Cell Transplant?

· Are you running any Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients?

· Is there anything we can do with our own Stem Cells today to be proactive for the future?

And, of course. . . What can you do for Chemo-resistant Cancer patients?

Dr. Ghen also answered specific listener questions discussing hip replacement, enlarged prostate, and spinal cord injury in relation to stem cell therapy.

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‘See’ you on the next call,

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD

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