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Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) - White Paper

About the White Paper: For those who do not know what is Vendor Neutral Archive or VNA, the term is used by many vendors of PACS software to identify the core of their product--the component
that is used to reliably manage, store, retrieve, and query medical
images and related information. Unfortunately, there is no "official"
definition of the functionality of a VNA. As such, VNA offerings vary
from vendor to vendor. The result is confusion among users due to the
lack of a baseline that permits a direct comparison of VNA functionality
and features.

This white paper proposes a definition of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) that identifies different architecture levels and their specific functionality. The various components which make up the core of a
healthcare image and information management system will be discussed. It
also provides the key advantages of a VNA compared with a proprietary
solution. A checklist which can be used when evaluating and/or
requesting a RFI/RFP for a VNA is included as an attachment.

NOTE: For the comfort of our non-technical readers, we have linked difficult terminology in the white paper to our health imaging Wiki, HubPedia, so you can enjoy reading and can get instant reference, definitions and brief detail of technical terms.

Download VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) White Paper: Please download the white paper and the checklist below.

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Comment by Yusuf Hakim on August 10, 2010 at 8:38am
If you downloaded the 2 files you will be aware of that where also you can ask the authors (Teramedica) any question you have through the following link:

Thank You
Comment by Prashanth reddy on August 10, 2010 at 8:10am
Hi, I was aware of PACS system, but would like to know the role of VNA. How VNA proves beneficial under PACS and how does it basically manage the images?

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