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What should I eat to help keep my hormones balanced?

metal toxicity

What a great conversation we had last night with the founder of the Fellowship for Functional and Regenerative Medicine and prevention specialist, Dr. Pamela W. Smith. Dr. Smith and I discussed Hormone Therapy: Real Life Scenarios.

Here are a few of the questions Dr. Smith answered submitted directly by listeners:

  • Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy cause Breast Cancer?
  • If a woman does not have any "unusual symptoms or any hot flashes" should she still be checked for a hormone imbalance?
  • How do hormones impact sleep?
  • What is the difference between bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and regular HRT?
  • What type of specific diet leads to a hormone imbalance?
  • How do hormones impact vision – cataracts and macular degeneration?

Dr. Smith also discussed the effects of hormones in relation to female balding.

These are just a few of the questions and topics covered in yesterday’s call with Dr. Pamela W. Smith.

This is the sixth call in the 8 part teleseries “Conversations with the Masters of Healing”. The call replay will be available for 48 hours. It’s not too late to listen it! Go to to register and access the replay.

Next Tuesday Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj joins us for a look at The Mystery of Stem Cells:
A Controversial Issue

‘See’ you on the next call,

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD

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