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Telemedicine: iCE Phone - The Medical Phone - The phone for Life.

iCE Phone iCEphone The Medical Phone
The Doctor in Your Pocket
the changing shape of mobile communications

Exquisitely designed and beautifully engineered with Triple-Flip Phone and Full QUERTY Keyboard, the iCEphone mobile phone effortlessly allows different form factors for different situations. This cutting edge micro notebook Winmo 6.1 touch phone is the Swiss Army Knife of handsets combining 4 main devices packing everything you need into one handy device. By maintaining significant similarity to familiar devices, the iCEphone minimizes any resistance (either real or psychological) to adopting a new device.

All of these features, except for the games console, are all designed to help doctors. The iCEphone is billed as the medical phone, and it comes with on-board first aid software, medical history storage, and caller collect international emergency helpline.

It integrates the skills you have already learned when operating other devices. Originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the British military, the iCEphone is a combination of two exciting new products that can either work independently or together: a cross-platform medical software package and a phone that sets a new industry standard in convergence technology. The iCEphone features a 3-inch touchscreen, QWERTY, dual SIM cards, HSDPA 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and a 3.1MP camera.

This interview was made in Macau by Nichole Scott for Bnettv.

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