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Applications being built for the latest “3.0″ version of the iPhone operating system — and likely soon for a number of other smartphones — promise to monitor your every step, your cycles, your health, constantly, via sensors on your skin.

Right now, they’re focused on people with serious ailments. In Spring 2009, LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company focused mainly on diabetes monitoring devices and software, demonstrated a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor that syncs with the iPhone’s 3.0 operating system. The iPhone 3.0 OS, to be released sometime summer 2009, lets the phone interact with other devices, thus making all this possible.

Looking forward to this, a bunch of companies are working away on applications that monitor all of your six vitals: These vitals are temperature, heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate, blood pressure and 02 saturation (or the amount of oxygen you have in your blood). With all that information, the phone could do some cool stuff:

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