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What Is PBM? A Look at the Non-Invasive Medical Solution of the Future

By, Scott Thielman, PhD

Imagine you have age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in adults over the age of 65. What are your options? For current patients, the treatment options are extremely limited. …


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Medical Megatrends Stem Cells – Part III

A cure for spinal cord injury? Diabetes? Macular degeneration?  Hope or just hype?

There are now some clinical trials using embryonic stem cells to treat serious diseases for which no other good therapy is currently available. But this is just the beginning of a major medical megatrend that will blossom forth in the coming years.

Embryonic stem cells are present after a fertilized egg divides for two or three days. They have the seemingly miraculous ability to turn into…


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OSEHRA Announces First Board of Directors ... Open Source EHR Organization Taps Industry, Academic, Government Experts


For your information, and in the continuing quest to capture the 3C's of Content, Community and Collaboration, please find the following on the Open Source Electronic Health Record effort to which I have devoted substantial effort to in recent months.


Conrad "CC" Clyburn…


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Guest Blog: The David Petraeus of Health ... By Dana Blackenhorn


As I have said in the past, Dana Blackenhorn is thoughful and thought provoking ... Let me see what you think of this blog on the recent recess appointment of David Berwick to become the new Administrator of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Excerpts below ....




Who wants to spend half what they do now, on something… Continue

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Guest Blog: Electronic medical records and its rushed implementation ... Kevin Pho, M.D. | KevinMD


As many of you know, Kevin Pho, M.D. is one of social media's leading physician voices on evolving technology and its impact on medical practice ...

... Please see his recent cautionary blog on the U.S. EHR adoption initiative. In particular see the "comments" that follow the blog ...

... They point to an important debate that is emerging between physicians accustomed to robust EHR systems (Kaiser Permanente, VA, Mayo, ect.) and small and solo practice… Continue

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Clay Christensen: How to Bring Disruptive Innovation to Health Care


As reported in Harvard Business Review ... According to Clay Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail ... Disruptive innovation seems to have bypassed the health care industry...

...Clay Christensen’s theory predicts that entrenched companies, products and services are often “disrupted” from below by competitors who are able to meet the needs of most current… Continue

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U.S. White House Office of Science & Technology Issues ... Request For Information (RFI) on University Research Commercialization


Yesterday, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) published an RFI (Request For Information) soliciting ideas on how to accelerate U.S. commercialization of federally funded Academic research...

Federally-funded research has played a major role in the development of multiple recent… Continue

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10 Innovations That Will Transform Medicine ... Harvard Business Review


This post is part of Harvard Business Review's Health Care Innovations Insight Center...

Here are excerpts from the 10 innovations that Harvard Business Review thinks will have a big impact ...




1. Checklists Health care is catching on to something pilots have known for…


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Fixing Academic Technology Transfer


Two of the most accomplished authors in Triple Helix ... Academic, Industry, Government ... technology transfer strategy are Eric Campbell, PhD, Director of Research, Mongan Institute for Health Policy, Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, and Joshua Powers, Ph.D, Chair, Department of… Continue

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PricewaterhouseCoopers' Top 10 Healthcare Trends for 2010


See below ... the top 10 healthcare trends to expect in 2010, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

According to David Chin, MD, partner and leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute, the primary emphasis for healthcare organizations next year will be on reducing costs and creating greater value in the health system. This focus "will have a domino effect from one sector to another and redefine roles, responsibilities and relationships," Chin… Continue

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WBTshowcase 2010 - Invitation to Submit an Application to Present

Just a friendly reminder that the final application deadline is Monday, November 9th. Apply now to get your company or technology in front of over 80 Investors and Licensees that make up the WBT Screening Panel. There is no cost to apply.

The WBT has been bringing talent, know-how, and capital together for over 7 years. But don't take out word for it...

"As a… Continue

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U.S. Health Information Technology (IT) Spending to Approach $10 billion by 2014


As reported in Telemedicine and eHealth News Alert ... Money provided under the economic stimulus law will help state and federal governments increase health information technology spending by $7.6 billion to $9.6 billion by 2014, according to a report by market research firm INPUT.

Much of that spending will be directed toward purchase of electronic health record (EHR) systems, according to “Health IT Transformation: FY2009-FY2014 State and Local Market… Continue

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New Member Update...2 March 2009


Thanks to your efforts, the MedTechIQ community continues to grow and attract new members, along with their talents and collective experience. We are all, in the end, potential digital resources for each other.

Please remember ... one of the most useful ways to leverage the MedTechIQ network is to explore the "Search" boxes. They efficiently open up for you multi-media information resources and potential expert contacts. Both the universal search, in the upper… Continue

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New Member Update...22 February 2009


MedTechIQ continues to attract new members. Remember, click the "Members" Tab and then use the "Search Member" box with the key words of your choice to find new contacts (

In these times of change & challenge it is always good to be connected!

Here now, the latest MedTechIQ members...


Laurel King: I am interested in knowledge creation, collaboration, innovation, social… Continue

Added by CC-Conrad Clyburn-MedForeSight on February 22, 2009 at 7:31pm — No Comments

Eli Lilly, Cornell, and Kauffman Foundation Unveil New Web-Based Tech Transfer Initiatives


As reported in GenomeWeb Biotech Transfer Week...Eli Lilly, Cornell University, and the Kauffman Foundation's iBridge Network each unveiled separate web-based initiatives last week designed to bolster university technology commercialization by making it easier for academic and industrial researchers to partner.

The Eli Lilly tool will allow external researchers at academic institutions or small biotech companies to submit their compounds free of charge via a… Continue

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National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2) - Free Online Training - RESEARCHER COMMERCIALIZATION

A message to all members of MedTechIQ


We want to bring to your attention an outstanding free training opportunity.

It will allow attendees to make an informed decision as to how to better plan their commercialization efforts, be it through employment, licensing, consulting, joint venturing or startup creation. Please forward this email to all researchers interested in learning how to commercialize their research.

The National Council of… Continue

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President-Elect Obama names Holdren, Varmus, Lander and Lubchenco to Key Scientific Posts


As reported in Scientific American...President-elect Barack Obama recently named more top science advisors. John Holdren, a 64-year-old physicist and environmental policy professor at Harvard, will be his chief science adviser, as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology. Obama also named chairs of the Presidential Council of Advisers on Science and Technology: Nobel Prize winner Harold Varmus and biologist Eric Lander, who heads the Broad Institute, a… Continue

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Final Call: World's Best Technology (WBT) Showcase - Technology Submissions, December 22

There is still time to submit a company or technology for the upcoming WBTshowcase. This elite national event showcases prescreened, cutting-edge, first-to-market companies and technologies emanating from the private sector, top universities, federal labs, agencies and research institutions, to an audience of the world's leading seed investors, venture capitalists and Fortune 1000 licensing experts.

There is No Cost to Apply and a $595 registration fee for those selected to… Continue

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Next NIH Director Faces Budget Issues ... Health Agency Has Seen Funding Stall


As reported in today's Washington Post...The director of the National Institutes of Health may be the least political of a president's political appointments.

The director's job is not to promote administration priorities -- in fact, it's the opposite. The chief, if unwritten, task is to keep the president and Congress from meddling with the agency.

The NIH this fiscal year will spend just under $29.5 billion on basic and applied medical research.… Continue

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New Member Update - 13 December 2008

A message to all members of MedTechIQ


We have been joined by new MedTechIQ members. They include:

Academia/ Not For Profit:

Eric Rasmussen, MD, MDM, FACP: Humanitarian medicine, Disaster medicine, public health, outbreak epidemiology, austere communications, collaboration techniques, cross-functional team dynamics

Ron Marchessault: Medical Device Research and Development, Technology Commercialization

Phil Weinfurt:… Continue

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