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ALLIEDHIE and ICA Launch National Health Information Exchange


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Dodge Communications for ICA

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Kelly Lewis;  570.510.7745



AlliedHIE and ICA Launch National Health Information Exchange

-- New Approach to health information exchange will emphasize individualized business solutions in solving health information exchange organizational problems --


Harrisburg, PA / NASHVILLE, TN – April 27, 2012 – ICA ( AlliedHIE ( announced today a partnership that will launch a nationwide health information exchange (HIE)that will identify specific technology and communications issues within healthcare organizations and offer information exchange solutions to solve these problems. AlliedHIE, based in Harrisburg, PA, is launching their efforts with a secure clinical messaging, "DIRECT/HISP" pilot project and HIE infrastructure.


“Our approach to HIE is very different than other vendors,” commented Kelly Lewis, president and chief executive officer of AlliedHIE. “Most companies take a top-down approach seeking to build a technology infrastructure that will enable either a full or partial HIE capability throughout an IDN, region or state. Our value-based approach is to talk to organizations individually and identify with them communications and exchange needs and provide solutions that are targeted to solve them. This strategy is in direct opposition to traditional software vendors that seek to sell generic HIE solutions to customers without first diagnosing their problems. Our solution-driven approach results in rapid ramp up, fast ROI and cost savings that becomes apparent almost immediately upon implementation.”


“Our partnership with AlliedHIE represents an exciting departure for ICA,” said Gary Zegiestowsky, president and CEO of ICA. “Allied’s commercial HIE approach eliminates traditional sustainability concerns of the typical 501.C3 type HIE organization by addressing specific information exchange business needs. Their strategy fits well with our new volume solution deployment methodology that offers clients specific solutions for specific needs, while also enabling a complete, robust HIE infrastructure. We particularly like Allied’s interest in the behavioral health market which has been underserved from an HIE perspective.”

Based in Pennsylvania, AlliedHIE is actively working with the Pennsylvania eHealth Collaborative in order to provide DIRECT and HISP (Health Information Service Provider) services across Pennsylvania's67 counties.

Bolstering Allied’s strategy in the HIE marketplace are recent reports by the National eHealth Collaborative and IDC Health Insights which find that too many HIEs have relied on the ‘build it and they will come’ strategy. Both reports assert that HIEs must plan for sustainability from the very beginning, and that if an HIE is not be sustainable after initial funding, then careful consideration should be given to the viability of launch.


About AlliedHIE

AlliedHIE is a patient-centric, purpose-driven, point-of-care focused national health information exchange company with a mission to include allied health organizations in order to priority connect our most vulnerable and at-risk patients. To lead America's Health Information Exchange we are partnering with the nation's premier Health IT firms, including ICA, to deliver best in class Health IT services, critical security and aggregation services, and superior client support.


About ICA

ICA was established to take innovative technology developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader healthcare market, and now delivers a comprehensive HIE solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities and states. Unmatched in its ability to yield cost efficiency, improved patient care, and better outcomes, ICA’s CareAlign® care management solution captures complete data to enhance the decision-making process. The CareAlign clinical intelligence engine empowers HIEs to leverage existing core systems and construct a longitudinal patient record. CareAlign also features provider/patient portals, secure clinical communication, NHIN compliant interoperability, EHR-lite and population management tools. Visit; follow us on Twitter: @icainformatics; and Facebook.



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