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AlliedHIE Awarded HISP Certification in Pennsylvania

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AlliedHIEAwarded HISP Certification in Pennsylvania


--ICA Technology Enables Coveted Health Information Service Provider Designation–



HARRISBURG, PA/NASHVILLE, TN - AlliedHIE ( announced today that the company hasreceived the Health Information Service Provider (HISP) certification from theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania eHealth Collaborative.   Receiving a HISP certification is criticalto becoming a participant in advancing the State eHealth CollaborativeStrategic Plan. With HISP certification, AlliedHIE is also grant-eligible forseveral opportunities to help advance health IT initiatives in the Commonwealthof Pennsylvania.  AlliedHIE is anationwide health information exchange (HIE) leading secure clinical messaging“DIRECT/HISP” pilot projects in Pennsylvania.

“We are very pleased to announce that AlliedHIE has received the HISPcertification from the Pennsylvania eHealth Collaborative,” said Kelly Lewis, president and chief executive officer of AlliedHIE. “ICA is our technologypartner in this venture and this dynamic relationship is already payingdividends.   Certainly, this HISPcertification is very important for AlliedHIE and for our goal to play asignificant role in advancing health IT across Pennsylvania and thenation.”  


“Our approach to HIE is different than other vendors,” Lewis continued, “ Most companies takea top-down approach seeking to build a technology infrastructure that willenable either a full or partial HIE capability throughout an IDN, region orstate. Our value-based approach is to talk to organizations individually andidentify in partnership with them their communications and exchange needs andprovide solutions that are targeted to solve their problems. This strategy isin direct opposition to traditional software vendors that sell generic HIEsolutions to customers without first diagnosing problems. This solution-drivenapproach results in rapid ramp up, fast ROI, and enhanced cost savings for ourclients that become apparent almost immediately upon implementation.”

“Congratulations to all of the team at AlliedHIE for achieving HISPcertification in Pennsylvania,” said Gary Zegiestowsky, President and CEO ofICA. “ICA is thrilled to have contributed to achieving this important milestoneas AlliedHIE continues to solidify its position as a commercial HIE provider thatdelivers significant positive impacts. We continue to be impressed with Allied’s aggregation of key playerstoward common goals.”

AlliedHIE has created a concept known as Allied Aggregation™, a common sensepatient-centric Health IT strategy that aggregates patient connections onto acommon technology platform at the point-of-care, to advance quality of care,improve patient safety and reduce costs. Bolstering Allied’s strategy in theHIE marketplace are recent reports by the National eHealth Collaborative andIDC Health Insights which find that too many HIEs have relied on the ‘build itand they will come’ strategy. Both reports assert that HIEs must plan forsustainability from the very beginning, and that if an HIE is not besustainable after initial funding, then careful consideration should be givento the viability of launch. 

About AlliedHIE

AlliedHIE is a patient-centric, purpose-driven, point-of-care focused nationalhealth information exchange company with a mission to include allied healthorganizations in order to priority connect our most vulnerable and at-riskpatients. To lead America’s Health Information Exchange we are partnering withthe nation’s premier Health IT firms, including ICA, to deliver best in classHealth IT services, critical security and aggregation services, and superiorclient support. Visit AlliedHIE (

About ICA

ICA was established to take innovative technology developed by VanderbiltMedical Center to the broader healthcare market, and now delivers acomprehensive health information exchange (HIE) and care management solution tohospitals, IDNs, communities and states. This patient-centered modular approachoffers immediate value and return-on-investment through the delivery ofclinical information to the point-of-care improving quality while reducing costs.The CareAlign® solution suite, or volume set, includes CareExchange,CareConnect, CareCollaborate, CareMeasure and CareManage. Each volume providesthe technology necessary to progressively exchange clinical information,increase care collaboration and manage healthcare risk across the continuum ofcare with the goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Visit, and follow us on Twitter, ICA HITme Blog,Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.



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