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Facts about deviation investigations everyone should know

Focus on how to avoid the pitfalls that may occur during FDA inspections and help eliminate 483 observations. Learn how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls during deviation investigations.

One of the foremost common authority 483 and Warning Letter citations continues to be inadequate investigations. The authority uses the investigation reports and investigation trends to spot potential quality issues altogether areas of the corporate. Ultimately, inadequate investigations will result in 483 citations, Warning Letters, unharness of sub-standard product, or product recall. what is more, pricey and long system rectification is also needed.

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Having a procedure on Deviation Investigations isn’t enough. it’s the content and conclusions of the investigations themselves that really count. Doing a correct root cause analysis, gathering proof and guaranteeing a property corrective action is vital to a correct deviation investigation.

This Session can facilitate attendees perceive the elemental investigation steps and ability sets. Key focus are placed on identification and initial news of deviations, fact/evidence gathering, and incoming at the right root cause and CAPA. The importance of investigation coming up with, vital thinking skills and effective preventative action plans will be mentioned.

Who will be benefit:

  • Deviation Investigators
  • Reviewers and Approvers of Deviation Investigations
  • QA Staff and Management
  • Regulatory Affairs Staff and Management
  • QC staff and Management
  • Compliance Auditors

About the Instructor:

Danielle DeLucy MS, is owner of ASA Training and Consulting, LLC which provides Pharmaceutical and Biologics based companies with training and quality systems assistance in order to meet Regulatory compliance. Prior to this role, Danielle has been in the industry for 17 years serving in numerous Quality Management Roles, such as the Director of Product Quality, the oversight of Sterility Assurance practices and provided QA oversight of numerous filling and packaging operations.

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