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Foreign Market Entry Techniques for Everyone Else

In today’s globalized world, competition has increased multifold for most businesses. As globalization brings it with both opportunities and challenges, the marketplace has evolved to a point where it is imperative for companies to become global. This is an opportunity they can ignore at their own peril. International sales should become an essential part of an organization’s business plan.

The cost advantages that accrue from producing overseas, the revenue opportunities from foreign sales, and the potential to exploit new technology, all combine to give the highest growth potential for companies that tap international markets.

Some of the proven strategies for entering and growing globally include exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and establishing an overseas facility. The optimal approach for entering or expanding into foreign markets depends on the characteristics and objectives of the particular firm. Are you prepared for all these?

A 60-minute webinar from, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of regulatory compliance, will help you to understand how to grow your business internationally. The speaker at this webinar, Douglas Cohen, who is Senior Manager, Global Trade and Contracts at Worldwide Trade and Legal Associates, will explain the advantages and disadvantages of several foreign market entry strategies on how to go global with five proven foreign market entry techniques.

To gain invaluable insights into how to understand the nitty-gritty of taking your business globally, please enroll for this webinar by visiting


The aim of this session is to explain core questions relating to making business global, such as:

  • Why growing your business internationally is an integral part of your business plan
  • What foreign market entry strategy is the best for your company?
  • Exporting
  • Licensing Technology
  • Joint Ventures
  • Establishing an overseas manufacturing or sales subsidiary
  • Acquiring a foreign company.

This webinar is of crucial importance to those who are involved in international business, such as Marketing Managers, International Compliance Managers, Business Owners, International Sales Persons, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Groups.


About the speaker: Douglas Cohen brings enormous and rich experience in the field of international trade and transactions. Working in various positions in the US Department of Commerce, the European Union, IATA, and American Airlines, he has developed significant expertise in all the core areas of global businesses, such as import-export operations and compliance, global transactions, international negotiations, intellectual property, and cross-cultural business communication.

In his present position, he provides legal and strategic advice to organizations seeking to enter or expand foreign markets. He is also the director of WWTL’s Global Trade Compliance Training division, where he offers comprehensive import-export training to private companies, universities, and pubic organizations.

Mr. Cohen has taught university courses and corporate seminars on international business and law in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He is the author of numerous publications on Internet law, international contract negotiations, intellectual property protection, and import-export operations and compliance.

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