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How to Improve Your Technology Transfer Process Skills

The successful launch of pharmaceutical products and their processes is directly related to the success of another factor: their transfer. It is only through successful transfer of these processes that the pharmaceutical company can ensure that its products are not only of the highest quality, but also get delivered to the patients and meet the business demands of the company. Expectedly, the execution of this transfer is not very simple and straightforward. It involves the interactions and interplay of many disciplines across the organization.

Successful transfer of pharmaceutical products and their processes depends on two factors: the careful development, management, and transfer of technical and business knowledge on the one hand, and the development of steps to define the formal transfer of that knowledge from R&D documents and systems to commercial manufacturing documents and systems, on the other.

If all this sounds too confusing and complex, a webinar from, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of regulatory compliance, will clear all the difficulties. Over 60 minutes of valuable learning on how to improve your technology transfer process skills, the speaker at this session, senior chemicals and statistics professional, Steven Laurenz, will help participants understand all the elements of technology transfer by offering an overview of the process, defining technology transfer, and helping to identify new product transfer process.

To enroll for this highly valuable learning, please visit and gain a thorough how to improve your technology transfer process skills.


Steven will help participants identify elements of the business process framework for managing technology transfers and will explain the benefits that technology transfer brings. This learning on how to improve your technology transfer process skills will help determine what makes a technology transfer successful.

He will introduce participants to the concepts associated with implementing a carefully defined set of technical and business governance programs. He will also show how to build clearly defined R&D steps to attain a successful site transfer implementation outcome.

Steven will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • The importance of technology transfer
  • Tools and Templates used for technology transfer
  • The use of a Product Strategy Review system to review important business aspects in preparation for transfer
  • The use of a technical review system to update and review technology knowledge obtained during drug product development.


About the speaker: Steven brings over 25 years of technical leadership experience in product development, process development, technology transfer, and process optimization. He is skilled in taking new products from early laboratory stage to successful manufacturing launch, and is an expert in integrating Quality by Design and risk management into product development.

He also carries the experience in establishing a Quality System for an R&D Quality Assurance organization. Steven is Black Belt certified in Business Excellence and holds a Master Certificate in Applied Statistics.

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